The MyMeds program finds, resolves and prevents issues with your medicines – to help you better manage them and improve your health. This program is helpful if you:

  • Have many health problems
  • Take a lot of medications
  • Have any of these questions about your medicine(s):
    1. "Is this the best medicine to treat my health condition?"
    2. "Are the side effects I am having due to this medicine?"
    3. "Does this medicine mix well with some others I'm taking or certain foods I am eating?"

    The program is FREE to IEHP Members who are eligible.

    MTM is care that the Pharmacists provide to help you get the best results from your medications. Through our MyMeds Program, you can find out if you’re taking the right medications. In addition, you will get advice on taking the right dose at the right time.

  • Learn how to take your medications properly.
  • Talk about whether your medications go with other products, such as herbals.
  • Prevent and resolve medicine-related side effects and drug interactions.
  • Set goals for better outcomes from your medications.
  • You can also talk with a Pharmacist one-on-one (by phone or in person) about your daily medicine routine. He or she will work with your Doctor to help prevent side effects from your medications.
  • You will get a one-on-one, in-person or phone consult with a MyMeds Clinical Pharmacist. During the medicine review, the Clinical Pharmacist will:

  • Talk with you about any concerns found in reviewing your medicine record
  • Offer ways to make your medicine routine easier
  • Offer recommendations that may allow your meds to work better for you
  • An up-to-date Personalized Medicine List to you - help you keep track of medications you are taking
  • A Medication Action Plan to you - it outlines key steps for you to get the best results from taking your medications
  • A written outline of the review to your health care Provider - along with any recommendations made
  • IEHP partnered with Preveon Health to offer the MyMeds Program for IEHP Members. All member information obtained from IEHP is strictly confidential and is not shared with outside companies without the approval of the member. Participation in the program is your choice and is confidential. You can participate at your own pace and comfort level. All consultations with the MyMeds Team will be based on your preference and availability.